Peer Review Workshop

    November 2, 2022

For this activity, students will post their Milestone Two rough drafts to the Task 6-2 Workshop

thread. Then, they will select and review two papers submitted by their peers. Advise students

to select drafts that have not been reviewed or drafts with the fewest number of reviews.

To best facilitate this activity:

  1. Instruct students to post their rough drafts to the Task 6-2 Workshop thread in Module
  2. Five after they submit their second milestone assignment.
  3. Instruct students to review the rough drafts of two peers using the Milestone Two
  4. Rough Draft Rubric as a guide. Remind them that each review should be approximately
  5. one page and should contain all the critical elements outlined in the prompt. Remind
  6. students that there are several steps to this assignment, so they need to pay close
  7. attention to the deadlines and requirements for each step.
  8. Stress the value of the workshop in terms of gaining critical analysis skills, which they
  9. can apply to their own papers in order to improve them. It will also give them additional
  10. feedback on their rough drafts, which they can incorporate into their final projects.
  11. Use the Module Six Peer Review Rubric to grade this assignment.
  12. Return graded assignments to students in a timely manner

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