philosophy write 5 pages essay for logic thinking

Choose an editorial, opinion piece, or article that defends some position.  The piece must be of significant length.  Cut out or copy that article and staple it to your paper.


First, write an introduction including the conclusion of the argument in the piece.


Second, list the premises of the argument as clearly as you can.  Clean up the author’s language as well as you can in order for the completed argument to be as strong, logical, and clear as possible.  If there seem to be implied premises in the argument that are not explicitly stated, then put them explicitly into your premise format.  After each premise that you write, briefly defend and explain the basis on which you have written that premise down the way that you wrote it down.


Third, tell me whether the argument is deductive, inductive, or abductive.  Then, evaluate its form:


If the argument is deductive:  Is it valid?  Make a case for if it is or isn’t.


If the argument is inductive or abductive:  Is it strong?  Make a case for if it is or isn’t.


Then, evaluate content:  For each premise, tell me whether you think it is true or false and why.


Also, list any informal fallacies that you notice in the argument.  What are they?  How does the argument commit them?


Finally, give me your final evaluation.  Is the argument ultimately persuasive?  Flawed?  Are you unsure?


Your paper should be double-spaced, stapled, and clearly written with no grammatical or spelling mistakes.  Your paper will be approximately three to five pages long.


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