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Please read the paper answer all the questions. no plagiarism. I never get a good grade from the paper you prepare for me. please read the teacher comments as guide and below is the homework Module Objectives:

Please read the paper answer all the questions. no plagiarism. I never get a good grade from the paper you prepare for me. please read the teacher comments as guide and below is the homeworkModule Objectives:At the end of this module you should be able to:1. Identify and analyze patient (consumer) satisfaction data.2. Link the need for quality assurance measures and patient satisfaction data.3. Assess and evaluate organizational performance in relationship to quality and patient satisfaction.Instructors Commentary:For a little more than a decade there has been a profound shift in the organizational behavior of health care entities. Health care organizations are increasingly shifting their focus to improving patient and consumer satisfaction. Both hospitals and other forms of health care organizations are operating in a competitive environment where the ability to satisfy patients needs can mean the difference in an organizations ability to survive and sustain change. The media is replete with hospital and health care facility closures due to the inability of hospitals to fill beds or provide adequate services.This competitive environment paired with the increasing government mandates for accountability is spurring health care organizations to take a close look at tracking evaluating and addressing patient satisfaction data to improve quality and performance. Accountable Care Organizations in particular are designed to move health care organizations away from being volume driven care organizations to those of value driven care organizations. Important questions are being raised by health care organizations and those that are using health care services which focus on how satisfied a patient or family was with the services provided how manageable was the system to navigate and what was the quality of care given?As you will note from the readings the management and evaluation of quality measures within a healthcare organization require leadership. Different healthcare organizations use a variety of patient satisfaction data and quality assurance measures to improve care and service. In this module you will explore both patient satisfaction data and quality assurance in your organization.This page below is the homeworkRead the Module 2 assigned article and review the literature regarding patient satisfaction and the HCAHPS survey. The following website will be helpful in understanding what the HCAHPS survey entails.Important Note: If you do not work in a hospital setting please use this activity to compare and contrast the HCAHPS survey process with a key measure of consumer satisfaction in your own environment.Determine the following from your own institution:What are the most recent patient (consumer) satisfaction scores for your assigned unit?Are the recent scores improved from the previous ones?Interview nursing peers at your agency to determine measures being used to improve patient satisfaction.What measures have been beneficial in increasing patient satisfaction?What additional measure would you like to see implemented?After collecting this information present your findings and your conclusion in this discussion post.Readings:Yoder-Wise Chapters 20 and 22Huppertz J.

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