political Feasibility and Economic Viability

    November 5, 2022

political Feasibility

Setting/Background: Policy and process analysis involves the allocation of scarce resources. Evaluation of political feasibility can be one of the most challenging steps in the policy development process.  Policy choices are proposed, considered, adopted, and implemented in sociopolitical contexts that are complex, subjective, and dynamic. They are difficult to quantify or to analyze.  This makes reliable prediction of whether policies have a realistic chance of being successfully implemented almost impossible.  Stakeholder analysis or mapping identifies the major actors that “populate the political stage.
Pick a social problem topic and answer the following questions in the discussion forum:
What value will we be getting for the money?How does the value compare with other alternatives under consideration?Identify all the stakeholders and political inputs.Differentiate between political feasibility and economic viability of your issue using clear and simple language.  What practical information did you learn about feasibility and viability from these chapters and how will you/could you use it in your nursing practice?

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