Political topic

Final Essay Instructions

There will be no midterm or final examinations in this course. However, students will work independently to complete one (1) final essay. Essay prompts have been pre-selected by the instructor. Review page 2 of this document for the essay prompts. Students are allowed to select one (1) essay prompt of their choice and complete a five (5) page paper. The paper must include 1 cover page + 5 pages of writing + 1 or more ‘References’ pages. Please upload your final essay as a Word Document on BlackBoard under the Assessments tab.

Papers should include: ● 1” margins ● 12 point Times New Roman font, ● and be formatted using APA (American Psychological Association) guidelines. ● No bold font ● Use italics sparingly. ● No visual graphics (i.e. colorful font, page borders, graphs, charts, photos). ● No slang or non-academic terminology.

Be sure to complete a spelling and grammar check. All students are permitted to submit papers to the instructor in advance for a plagiarism check.

Essays must include the following three (3) parts:

I. Cover Page – 1 page

Students must include a creative title, name, date submitted, academic institution, professor’s name. NO graphics or color on this page or any other pages.

II. Content Pages – 5 TOTAL and FULL pages

● Background

This section should clearly state the political issue you chose, include information on the history or background information.

● Discussion of your essay topic This section should clearly discuss the political topic you chose, including information on your answers to the questions along with scholarly references that will help prove your viewpoints.



● Conclusion

In your conclusion, you must review the main/midterm points of the essay and create a smooth transition to conclude the essay.

III. References Pages

Students are expected to use at least 5 scholarly sources in their essays. This will be a part of your midterm essay grade along with the content of your essay.

Students are not allowed to use blogs, Wikipedia, or other non –scholarly/non-reliable sources as references.

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