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Portfolio Paper

Specific Instructions for the Portfolio Paper

  • Each student will choose an existing company/brand that needs to be revamped.
  • The company should have experienced a decline in popularity, sales, or growth.
  • Use the Template for Writing a Marketing Plan in the Marketing Insight in Chapter 2 of your textbook and create a marketing plan for the company/brand.
  • The written report must use titles including the following components:
  • Executive Summary
  • Situation Overview
  • Goal
  • Strategy: Target Market
  • Strategy: Value Proposition
  • Tactics
  • Implementation
  • Control
  • Biblical Application (500-750 words) (How the biblical foundation should be incorporated to achieve company marketing goals)
  • The paper is to include five (5) verses from Scripture that build the foundation for Christian worldview.

Prepare the Portfolio Paper using the following guidelines:

  • 3,500 – 4,000 words using APA formatting, including title and reference pages
  • Must include a title page (title of paper, your name, course name and course number, and date of submission)
  • Must include a reference page
  • Include biblical foundations application (500 – 750 words)
  • Minimum of eight scholarly references

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