Principles of Macroeconomics short paper

As a sample workforce activity, assume your employer has asked you to develop an economic analysis and a set of policy recommendations. To complete this activity, select a news article dated within the previous two months.
    •    Clearly summarize the issue presented in the article and present two policy recommendations based on this issue.
    •    Analyze the issue using the economic concepts and theory learned in our class.
    •    Use additional references to back up your arguments.
    •    Include at least one graph developed in the course. Charts and tables are also encouraged.
Possible concepts include:
    •    GDP
    •    Unemployment
    •    Inflation and Price Indexes
    •    Economic growth
    •    Multiplier effect
    •    Fiscal policy
    •    Monetary policy
Your paper should:
    •    be a total of 800 to 1200 words,
    •    include a bibliography with at least three references, presented in APA style,
    •    have been spell-checked and grammar-checked using Word’s review utility.

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