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problem identification and agenda

Explain the problem identification and agenda setting stages of the policy process…

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All policy starts with identifying that there is a problem exists, but not all problems are able to be solved, which makes problem identification really important. According to Theodoulou &Kofinis (2012), “Problem identification, however, remains a perceptual exercise, and not an exercise based on objective fact. Reasonable people can disagree about whether an issue is a problem, because reasonable people can and do have differing social realities and sets of beliefs”. Problem identification occurs in several different stages. There is the first stage where policy actors will identify what the problem is. These problems at times can be determined though some event crisis that has taken place that has brought light to the topic.

The second stage in problem identification is when the public is being informed and releasing any information that will bring people’s attention to what the problem is. After this, the personal beliefs and principles of the policy actors’ will begin to force people to pay attention to any matters they believe are the issues. Then the media will publicly air information regarding the issue in order to bring the attention of the society at hand. The last stage, even though the problem may have not been an issue in the past, new issues, or even changed circumstance that now make it a public issue. Factors that are considered when determining if an issue is a public problem are: Causality, incidence, proximity, causality, and crisis (Theodoulou & Kofinis, 2012).

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