Project Part 1 Task 2: Risk Assessment Plan

    November 1, 2022

Project Part 1 Task 2: Risk Assessment Plan

After creating an initial draft of the risk management plan, the second part of thethe assigned project requires you to create a draft of the risk assessment(RA) plan. To do so, you must:

1.Develop an introduction to the plan explaining its purpose andimportance.

2.Create an outline for the RA plan.

3.Define the scope and boundaries for the RA plan.

4.Research and summarize RA approaches.

5.Identify the key roles and responsibilities of individuals anddepartments within the organization as they pertain to riskassessment.

6.Develop a proposed schedule for the RA process.

7.Create a professional report detailing the information above as aninitial draft of the RA plan.

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