November 5, 2022


Nike: The Great Brand StorytellerProject Description:Nike is not only a world-class brand and market leader, they are known as one of the great brand storytellers.  Nike has done a wonderful job conveying their brand sensibilities and mission through the rich marketing content that they have produced.  In Project 1, well take a deeper look into the stories that Nike tells their target market. 1.    Watch Abstract: The Art of Design | Tinker Hatfield: Footwear Design    In your own words, write a synopsis of the video and discuss all relevant details.3.    Discuss how Nikes history has contributed to its current brand story.4.    Provide 3 examples of marketing content (screenshots) that Nike has created that is indicative of their overall mission.Your project should be written in Microsoft Word or Google Docs and be at least 350 words.


Those who stand against MSG wrongly claim that it is the source of some very serious health outcomes.

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