Protection Plan

    November 25, 2022

Protection Plan

How would you explain the term “Critical Infrastructure” to a group of high school students? What is the relationship of the term “Resilience” to national critical infrastructure? What is the background,  history and  statutory origin of the  National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP)?  Be sure to make use of the Week One readings and multimedia resources in preparing your analysis.

All submissions must include the following technical components:

A cover or title page.

Labeled topical headings (e.g., Introduction, Discussion, Conclusion, etc.)

Length: The report must contain a body of text of about 750 words (about 3 pages double-spaced, 12 point font)

A reference page containing a minimum of five (5) resources from Week One readings/multimedia resources. References cited at the end of the report must be cited in text to illustrate how they were used.

Written in APA Style.

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