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PSY 326 W1D1- Ethics in Research

Analyze and critique the principles introduced and applied in the various sources.

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Ethical principles were introduced and made into official federal laws as a general standard of ethics for all federally funded research (Newman, 2011).However, the American Psychological Association (APA), has its own form of ethical principles which is particularly used as a guideline by psychologist as moral accountability during their research. “These principles of ethics involve five explicit guidelines all in which were inspired from Belmont guidelines: to treat people with respect, minimize harm, and avoid exploitation (Newman, 2011).”One principle is to Inform Consent. This means that the potential participant must be apprised of the details involving their participation. They need to know if pain will be involved, possibility of being made to feel uncomfortable, aware of potential personal information being exposed, and if the study involves the ingestion of any type of drug.

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