Compare and Contrast: Part 1

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Qualitative: Qualitative research is used to gain an understanding of underlying reasons, opinions, and motivations. This type of research helps to develop ideas, give insight to problems, as well as an hypothesis for potential quantitative research. It helps to uncover thought and opinions by diving deeper into the problem at hand. The type of collection method that can vary between an unstructured technique and a semi-structured technique. Examples of these methods are focus groups, or individual interviews. The sample size for this research is typically small.

Quantitative: Quantitative research quantifies a problem by generating data that is numerical and usable for statistics. This type of research is used to uncover patterns by using measurable data to formulate facts. These types of collection data are structured. Examples of these type of collection methods are online surveys or paper surveys. According to Abawi (2008), “Quantitative research is a process of inquiry based on testing a theory composed of variables,

Part 1: Quantitative research tries to generalize different contexts or compare on thing to another through surveys (Newman, 2016). It has a large sample size. When doing a survey, it takes a random approach and uses statistical techniques to compare data that is found. The value of the research has validity and reliability.

Qualitative research is specific when choosing participants. It uses coding methods and interviews for the data analysis (Newman, 2016). The samples are small. Rather than validity and reliability, its value is based on trustworthiness. Researchers try to gain an understanding into the topic they are researching. Experimental research wants to explain thoughts, feelings, and behaviors (Newman, 2016). A causal explanation, meaning that it relates to or acts as a cause; does something to cause another or cause and effect. It has an independent and dependent variable. It focuses on what happens in a controlled situation or environment. Non-experimental research is basically not manipulated. What a person could

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