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PSY 331 Psychology of Learning

Evaluate and discuss the applicability of Piaget’s theory of cognitive development. Why are developmental phases important to consider when addressing how we learn?

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Psychologist Jean Piaget studied children (even his own), on their cognitive development from birth through adolescence. Focusing on which characterized different staged of development including: memory, reasoning, morals, and language. In Piaget’s early observations, he argued that children reached to the world around them and their environment. Believing that children also participated in learning more in an active way. (Rosser-Majors 2017). Piaget’s theory consisted of 4 stages of Cognitive Development consisting of: sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operations, and formal operations. The sensorimotor stage ranges from birth to the age of two, this stage describes how they develop knowledge about themselves.

What they see and experience in the world around them. Which involves a better understanding of their environment through motor activities, interactions, and sensory perceptions. Preoperational stage of cognitive development that ranges from ages two through, seven years of age, still taking in information in the world around them. Absorbing information through sensory perceptions, and motor activities within their environment. At this stage, children are unable to critical think, and they require real human physical interactions, and experiences. In this stage, children begin to use language, imitating sounds and voices that they hear around them. The concrete operations stage rages from the age six to early adolescence. In this stage, children begin to consider the feelings of those around them such as their caregivers, developing logic, and applying inductive thought

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