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PSY 352 Week 3 Discussion 1

Analyze the case of the Ramona family. How could the daughter repress such memories for so long? Does the fact that her father successfully sued the therapist prove that the memories are false?

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With regards to Holly Ramona who blamed her dad for allegations of rehashed assault over along period. Her dad, Gary Ramona, blamed Holly’s psychotherapist for embedding bogus recollections in Holly’s brain while being treated for bulimia and depression. Holly could not suppress memories in her mind for a long period of time because the memories that she spoke about were not true. According to Vitelli (2012), “Dr. Loftus reported that there is no credible scientific support for the idea that we can take eleven years of brutalization and banish it into the unconscious and then undergo some therapy which is going to make us aware of it” (para. 8). False memory is a fabricated or contorted memory of an occasion. Recollections

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