Psy 352 Week 3 Discussion

Analyze both sides of the Shanely case. Which side is best supported by the scientific evidence? Which one do you support and why?

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With the Shanely case a person can look at both sides and see possibilities of fault and truth in both false memories and repression. Repression is an unconscious process. It makes things which are too overpowering or conflictual not able at that time to the conscious memory (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2010).Dr. James Chu supports repression in the Shanley case. In the video False Memories, Chu believes that the more time a traumatic event occurs the more prone people are to block that event out. Chu also talks about how he believes that Busa is correctly recalling the even due to the fact that he is able to describe shapes and other specific details that are accurate about the surroundings during the abuse. McNally believes that false memories are just as positive and powerful as authentic memories(Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2010).Professor Elizabeth Loftus testified on behalf of Shanley. She believed that there was no creditable scientific for massive repression. She states that Busa had never had any memory of the abuse until he received a phone call telling him that there had been reports made against Shanely. Then when the second phone call comes in and it was that some of his friends had made accusations of abuse then he started to recall memories of the sexual abuse. Loftus has time and time again done an experiment to show that one can implant belief or a memory in

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