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Laypersons and scientists alike often report that after having tried to solve a problem for an entire day, “sleeping on it” led to a solution. Does sleep indeed promote problem solving?

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Sleep has a positive effect on problem solving. When an individual sleep, it gives them a period of recuperation which is enough down-time to enable their muscles and thought process to operate effectively. According to Sio, Monaghan, and Ormerod (2013), “A growing body of work suggests that sleep has an effect on associations among concepts in processing and memory, facilitating restructuring of information is a key aspect of problem solving” (p. 160). Setting aside a problem while one sleeps overnight and returning to it the next day helps one solve a difficult problem. Even though sleep is crucial for one’s creativity it gives one’s brain a chance to work through things. But some people, like me, are not able to sleep when they are trying to solve a difficult problem they have been thinking about all day. Individuals can also

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