PSY 360 Week 4 Discussion Question 2

How does culture affect language acquisition?

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To know some culture, one has to know that particular language which belongs to that culture. At a young age, it is easier to grasp any new language, even if it is not your mother tongue. At old age, it is a bit difficult to learn a language which is not yours; one reason is decreasing learning capability & secondly it’s hard to follow all the factors of language like phonemes, words & sentences etc. It becomes very hard for a person to pronounce a language which is not his or hers, & if not pronounced properly, it becomes hard for a listener. In childhood, it is easy to learn different language with the children’s in the neighbor hood, from the native culture.
When a person is from different culture, for him/her, the hardest part of the language is ‘pronunciation’. The second difficult part of learning a language, from different background is “Grammar’, because the rules of grammar is not same for every language. Some language has easy grammar but some have really difficult grammar, which may not be easy for a person from different culture. Some schools & colleges offer foreign language, which is the best way to learn a

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