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PSY331 Week 1 Discussion 1

Select two theories discussed in your required reading and describe the areas of each theory that you were not previously aware of and why these areas may suggest a need to assimilate, or even accommodate, your own current knowledge.

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Humanism “proposes that people act and learn through intentional behaviors and that their behaviors are influenced by their values”[ CITATION Ros17 \l 1033 ]. I have always had this though in my mind, but I never knew that it was a theory. I have seen older people that are “stuck in their ways” but I believe that most of it is related to humanism. I was not aware that humanism is also influenced by a person social, cultural, and even spiritual relationships. I feel that that for me there is a need to accommodate my current knowledge, meaning that I can expand on what I know, and I continue to learn through my cultural, social, and even emotional relationships.

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