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Evaluate and discuss the applicability of Piaget’s theory of cognitive development. Why are developmental phases important to consider when addressing how we learn?

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When looking at Piaget’s theory of cognitive development I cannot help but apply his developmental stages to my children. I have a two-month-old that is in the sensorimotor stage, and since his sister is only sixteen months older than him, I still vividly remember her at the same age. The difference being I breastfed her but cannot breastfeed him, and I can see the difference in how they react to my holding them. Anytime I picked up my daughter she wanted to eat because I was her source of food and she knew that via the smell of milk. Because I have never breastfed my son, he does not have the same reaction; I can hold him and not trigger the feeding response. Once I stopped breastfeeding my daughter, and she got older that response stopped especially once she entered the preoperational stage. I can see that she displays object permanence and is beginning to use language and imagination. Being able to see these developmental stages helps me understand that these stages cannot be rushed, giving my daughter more

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