PSY406 Forum 3 (1).panic attacks

Describe and contrast the nature of panic attacks when present in a diagnosis of Panic Disorder versus a diagnosis of Social Phobia. Discuss one pharmacological and one psychological treatment for symptoms of panic attacks

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Disorders such as Panic disorder and Social Phobia both include symptoms such as panic attacks and severe anxiety. Panic attacks are defined as sudden feelings of intense anxiety (Maddux,2015). Anxiety is a fear that there is an imminent threat it the near future. Increased emotions(discomfort, nervousness, fear etc.) can accompany panic attacks. While most everyone has experienced anxiety, certain disorders can generate more frequent outbreaks from triggers or feelings, and in a severe form – bring panic attacks. Panic Disorder is diagnosable via the DSM-5 through the sporadic occurrence of Panic attacks. While these attacks can vary in severity and occurrence, attacks in Panic Disorders occur without

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