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PSYC 327 Discussion 1

The author speaks of five dimensions of religious commitment, Define each of these and then apply them to your own religious commitment. Do you believe these dimensions would be applicable in studying the psychology of religion? Why or why not?

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With belief we often think about the main definition. Which is “trust, faith, or confidence in (someone or something).” (Merriam-Webster,1828) Which does correspond with this dimension, but there is more detail to be added. Belief in this dimensions is what the religion believes in, how hard they believe in it, and how they choose to believe in it. Such as for example how me as a Pentecostal individual believes in just one god. While take someone who is a atheist who has no belief in a God. Next, we go on practice, and how they choose to use their religion. In our textbook we see that “The religious practice dimensions refers to the set of behaviors that are part of the religion itself.” (Paloutzian,25,2017) This can be how we pray, what services we

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