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PSYC 327 Discussion 2

Describe how the study of the psychology of religion either “explains” or “explains away” religious experience. How can one study the psychology of religion and maintain the integrity of the experience of religion yourself? As Christians who believe that religious experience points toward objective Biblical truths, how might you approach the study of the psychology of religion different than someone who is not a believer?

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When thinking about what the psychology of religion has to offer I can see that it explains and explains away. However, if I have to choose one I am leaning more towards explaining away. The reason I say this is because psychology often points to our need of survival, and how our brain wants to do anything in its power to show that we will survive no matter what. This can be an example of why we have religion in the first place since we need to know what happens after we die. ” Karl Marx, for example, called religion the ÔÇťopium of the

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