PSYC 343 Week 3 Forum

What are some of the biggest challenges faced by adults in middle adulthood (roughly ages 40-65)?Have you ever known anyone who experienced a “midlife crisis?” If so, don’t name names, but describe that person’s behaviors. If not, think of an example you’ve seen in a book, movie, or TV show. What would theorists such as Erikson or Levinson say about such behaviors?

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I have watched someone that is very close to me go through a mid-life crisis, mildly. Midlife crisis can affect an individual differently and can be a positive or negative experience. While some people may suffer from depression and some may even turn to substance abuse, this is all happening while being in denial at some point. Adults at this point should identify that they have a crisis and try to cope with issue. I have seen a person color their hair, start hanging out with friends again…back in the day, they would frequent the club often, having friends visit, but they never drink even in their younger day.

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