Public Health Jobs

The study of environmental health is crucial to one’s understanding of the hazards and potential adverse effects posed by environmental agents and the extent to which environmental factors play a role in human disease. This foundation is essential for being an effective advocate for preventing environmentally caused diseases, identifying strong and weak protection policies, and for more advanced study of environmental health issues.

For this discussion forum,

  • Research the top environmental health concerns of your city or town, using government (.gov) websites or credible news outlets (such as the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Atlanta Journal-Constitution), and post your “Top Five” list.
  • Include links to the sources in which you found your health concerns.
  • Place these concerns in what you consider descending order of importance (i.e., #1 is most important, #5 is least important).
  • What employment opportunities might pertain to these environmental health concerns?
    • Check out the following resources from Career Services to help you identify these opportunities:
    • You can also visit the career section of your state’s public health department website and search for relevant positions.
  • To what extent are these concerns relevant to the environmental health objectives presented in Healthy People 2030?

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