Public Policy Development

    November 5, 2022

386391. Identify your legislators for the state and national level. Please include the name of your state, district numbers for both your state level representatives and senators, as well as those on the national level. To respond to this item, you will have two US senators, one US Congressman, one state senator and one state representative.
2. Identify one contemporary health care issue. Go to gov, (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., click Legislation at the very top, then check the current Congress on the left margin. Or you can look at your state level legislative site to search for current bills. Look for bills that are related to your practice issue. Choose the bill that you will use for your Letter to Legislator Assignment. Outline the components of the bill.
3. Choose one of your representatives as you identified in question. Go to either your state website or back to and see which committees your legislator is on and/or what their policy interests are—this is helpful in choosing which legislator to approach for assistance. Be specific and share what committees he/she is on and/or their policy interests…not all of them, but the ones that relate to your rationale. Explain why you chose the legislator to contact for your chosen bill.
4. how you would discuss your health care issue and bill if you had the opportunity to meet with your legislator. Include the following information:
1. Introduce yourself—name, nurse, constituent.
2. Briefly discuss the health care issue, bill, and outline the social, ethical, and economic impact of the issue related to health policy.
3. Request support or opposition of the bill.

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