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This is described as a significant change in process performance that is a result of determined human effort and not luck. Below, we will look into the issue of unacceptable quality assurance that Apple Inc. has with its products. Apple’s accessories are one of Apple’s fastest growing profit makers. The accessories come with a premium price and are known to fail within months or even weeks after purchase. Along with iPhone displays that fail, faulty solid-state drives, bad keyboards in laptops, and poor battery life. Not only do they have issues in the hardware department, the woes continue in their software and services area as well. iCloud has issues that need to be corrected since its introduction. Issues with it not working properly most of the time, confusing ways to share data, and slow synchronization just to name a few (Diaz, 2018).One of Apple’s most recent issues is with the iPad Pro arriving to costumers with a slight bend in the aluminum chassis. Unfortunately, Apple does not consider this a defect, but a “side

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