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Quality Awards and Standards (Week 2B)

The authors of our text talk about the Baldrige Award throughout their book. In previous versions, they even designed their text around this award. Given that our course is about TQM, an in-depth discussion of the Deming Prize would seem to be appropriate since it is the framework of company-wide quality control in Japan, which embodies what we call TQM in the United States, but is hardly discussed in our text. So let’s do some research. Put on your investigative hats and see what you can find about the Deming Prize. You can use the Internet or any other sources you have available. How do you see the Deming Prize criteria fitting into TQM? How does the Deming Prize compare to the Baldrige Award? What are the differences and similarities between the Deming Prize and the Baldrige Award?

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Responses are listed below in the following order: response, author and the dateand time the response is posted.Expand AllSort by Read/UnreadResponseAuthorDate/TimeMark as ReadQuality Awards and StandardsRashmikant Govani Email this Author5/10/2015 11:49:52 AMThe Deming Prize:The Deming Prize is Japans national quality award for industry. It was established in 1951 by the Japanese Union of Scientists and engineers (JUSE) andit was named after W. Edwards Deming.He brought statistical quality control methodology to Japan after W.W.II.The Deming Prize is the worlds oldest and most prestigious of such awards. Its principles are a national competition to seek out and commend those organizations making the greatest strides each year in quality, or more specifically, TQC.The prize has three award categories.They are Individual person, the Deming Application Prizes, and the Quality Control Award for factory.

The Deming Application prizes are awarded to private or public organizations andare subdivided into small enterprises, divisions of large corporations, and overseas companies.There are 143 companies who won the prize. Among them, only once has the Deming Prize been awarded to a non-Japanese company: Florida Power and Light in 1989.The Baldrige Award:The Baldrige Award was established in 1987 to promote quality awareness, understand the requirements for quality excellence, and share information about successful quality strategies and benefits. There are three eligibility categories: manufacturing, services, and small firms.Unlike the Deming Prize, public or not-for-profit organizations are not qualified.Also, there is no category in which all applicants that satisfy a given level ofperformance receive a quality prize.Since its foundation, there are only five companies who received this prize. According to its principles, the role of quality data collection and analysis asthe basis for managerial decisions is paramount. Furthermore, quality efforts should not concentrate only on the elimination of defects but also encompass creative activities that will influence customer satisfaction.

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