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Quiz1 sex research methods

Describe the four sex research methods discussed in Chapter 2. Give examples of each to illustrate your answer.

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The four sex research methods discussed in Chapter 2 are clinical research, survey research, observational research, and experimental research (p. 37).Clinical research is descriptive research done by a psychiatrist, psychologist, or social worker. With clinical research, they will examine a person or group of people who have come to them seeking help. While the person or group is being treated, they are also being examined, interviewed, and studied. Clinical research is most often done on individuals who deviate from normal sexual behaviors. Since clinical research is typically done on people who exhibit deviant or pathological behavior, this research tends to be dependent on what a particular culture deems as pathological behavior.

Double blind studies done on medications would be considered clinical research. Survey research is a form of research that gather information via questionnaires or interviews. With surveys, you can use an open-ended survey or a multiple choice survey. The open ended survey gives the participants more freedom in their answers, however the answers may not pertain to what the researcher truly wants to research if the questions aren’t very specific. A multiple choice questionnaire is normally the better option, however the researcher needs to be sure that they know enough about the topic to include any and all answers that will pertain to the questions being asked. Interviewing tends to be a good option since it can provide more in depth information and allows for follow up questions to be asked for clarification, however interviewing can be a much lengthier process especially if there is a large sample size needed.

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