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    October 10, 2022

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Risk Factors
Several factors put teenagers in the United States at higher risk of pregnancy. Among these factors are socioeconomic in nature like the education or poverty level (Faulkner, A. 2018). This includes limited access to health and sex education. Other health disparities that contribute include “few opportunities in a teen’s community for positive youth involvement, neighborhood racial segregation, and neighborhood physical disorder (e.g., graffiti, abandoned vehicles, litter, alcohol containers, cigarette butts, glass on the ground)” (CDC, 2019).
Impacts of Pregnancy
According to Faulkner, if a child is born to a teen mother, they in turn have a higher chance of becoming a teen parent themselves. They are also at higher risk of “poor performance in school, including increased dropout rates, health problems, incarceration, or unemployment” (Faulkner, A. 2018). At birth these infants are more likely to be born with health issues and low birth weights.
Society at large is effected by this issue. Teenage mothers are less likely to seek medical care during the pregnancy, increasing chances for complications to the mother and child. This, in turn, contributed to the 9.4 billion dollars paid by taxpayers to support care through services like Medicare (Southeastern Idaho Public Health, 2019). Unfortunately, other services like the U.S. foster care system are utilized in part to care for the infants born to teenage mothers.
Teenage mothers themselves are often negatively affected by this issue. Roughly fifty percent of teen moms drop out of school and do not re-enroll (Southeastern Idaho Public Health, 2019). Teenage mothers often incur life-long socioeconomic struggles due to a lack to access to education and the expenses of raising a child.
 Community Resources (2)
In the state of Idaho, there are resources that are publicly funded that help to prevent teen pregnancy as well as offer assistance to pregnant teenage child. One of these is The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. This organization works to inform and educate the public about health issues like teen pregnancy, birth control options, and sexually transmitted infections (Idaho Department of Health

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