R. DQ2

    October 10, 2022

(Commentr 1 ). reference, citation, 150 words 
Two external stressors that are unique to adolescents are moving/changing school and too of high of expectations from parents. Moving schools is exceptionally difficult for adolescents, as they have to leave the security of their well-known school, their routine, friends they have known since the beginning, and sometimes, the city they were raised in. I have some experience with this, as I transitioned from Private Education to Public in high school and it was pretty rough. I remember the most stressful part being my initial lack of friends and lack of support from my peers. Another external stressor that I knew all too well were high expectations from my parents. My parents expected me to achieve exceptional grades, participate in orchestra and sports, while maintaining a high school job, an experience that is likely more common than I felt at the time.
Several studies have pointed to adolescent stress leading to impulsivity, stating that low-levels of stress allow adolescents to think, plan, absorb and remember but when stress is high, the brain interprets this as a life-threat and decisions are no longer thoughtful, but hasty (Duckworht, Kim,

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