Read the article “ “nurse advocacy: adopting a health in all policies approach download nurse advocacy: adopting a health in all policies approach.”

    October 7, 2022

Discussion Board: Nurse Advocacy and Policy Change
It is not enough to simply advocate for your patients in the hospital or patient setting. As leaders, nurses must step out of their comfort zone and take an active role in the political process.
Read the article “ “Nurse Advocacy: Adopting a Health in All Policies Approach Download Nurse Advocacy: Adopting a Health in All Policies Approach.” At the end of the article, there are four websites.
Using the websites at the end of the article (or another resource of your choice), choose one topic, bill, or policy that you deem a priority and write 200–250 words responding to the discussion prompts for your initial post. Then, respond to at least two of your peers’ posts in a substantive manner.
Discussion Prompts
1) Provide a summary of the topic, bill, or policy.
Why is this topic important?
2)What are the implications of this bill or policy being enacted or not being enacted?
3)Provide two examples of how you can get involved to impact this bill or policy.

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