• recreational parks (lack of, misuse, poor condition)

    October 7, 2022

Week 6 Infographic Assignment
Note from NUR 408 Course Coordinator on Assignment
Hi Class,
The assignment for module six is to develop an infographic on health risks within a community setting. The Infographic assignment focus is on environmental influences on health and disease in any county of your choice in North Carolina. An infographic format is to allow graphics with information, supporting content to capture attention and memory. Infographic presentation is precise with visuals, a design capable of displays that will enable an informed review quickly.
It is essential nurses keep informed of current policies and advocate to protect public health. Nurses can make a difference in policy change through professional communication, such as making a statement using an infographic as a presentation source at a county board meeting—this one example of the nurse advocating for community health and safety by communicating with the government.
It is often the public health nurse who assesses risks within the patient’s family, home, neighborhood, and community (Stanhope

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