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    October 10, 2022

Political actions in the healthcare sector are important to the LGBTQ community as the engagement of the nurses in political actions help improve their well-being. The nurses can actively participate in elections to put up to power the leaders they want or to bring down the leaders who do not fully satisfy their needs. The nurses can therefore engage in policy making by ensuring that manifesto of the leaders elected include the various policies they need. The nurses can ensure that the leaders being elected have the potential to listen to the various proposals of the nurses on the grounds of ensuring protection for the LGBTQ community (Amann, 2017). This will facilitate the incorporation of the recommendations of nurses in the policies. 
The nurses can stand to be elected as leaders into political position which is the most important as it pertains to LGBTQ and in all the patients. The nurses can act best in that position as they leaders can be able to implement the needed policies that will improve the healthcare sector. A nurse chairing a political position will have adequate knowledge on how policies will work in the healthcare sector and how LGBTQ community could be protected. The political position will facilitate the enhancement of the health care services for all the patients regardless of the category (Groenwald andEldridge, 2019). The political action will facilitate the improvement of the LGBTQ as awareness to the public reducing the stigma associated with them due to non-acceptance in the society.  
The nurses can also obtain training and be involved in city councils and committees where they can raise issues of concern within the industry. Participating in these trainings on political issues will facilitate the enhancement of the needed knowledge to the community on the LGBTQ. The participation in the committees will facilitate the enlighteningof the society on the healthcare delivery for all the patients (Kung and Rudner Lugo, 2015). The involvement will generate an opportunity for nurses to protect the LGBTQ from being denied some services and priorities.  
Amann, C. A. (2017). Undergraduate Health Policy Education: Impacting the Future of Nursing. Groenwald, S. L.,

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