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RES334 week 5 discussion 1

Explain the diversification benefits of real estate in a portfolio. Given the numerous options examined for real estate investment which do you feel is the optimal route for your portfolio? Provide the rationale for the choices you make.

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There are many benefits of real estate in a portfolio. This allows for diversification, which is having a mix of different investment vehicles other than your traditional stocks and bonds. The number one reason why an investor would want to do this is to reduce the risk. For example, when there are economic changes that are not in our control, these changes will impact a hotel orcommercial property differently than it would your apartment building (Brueggeman & Fisher, 2011). If you take a loss in one area you still may have increased in another area since you have diversified your portfolio. The thought is not to put all your eggs in one basket. Another benefit would be tax benefits that allow an investor to pay little to no taxes in many cases. In some cases

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