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Review the timeline located in the Topic 1 resources. In your opinion, what are the most important events on the timeline and why? Refer to the ACA milestones and ACA Divisions from the topical course materials when considering your response. Choose a division and discuss its mission as well as its historical beginnings.This discussion question meets the following CACREP Standards:2.F.1.a. History and philosophy of the counseling profession and its specialty areas.5.C.1.a. History and development of clinical mental health counseling.This discussion question meets the following NASAC Standards:20) Understand the addiction professional?s obligation to adhere to generally accepted ethical and behavioral standards of conduct in the helping relationship.116) Demonstrate ethical behaviors by adhering to established professional codes of ethics that define the professional context within which the counselor works, in order to maintain professional standards and safeguard the client.118) Adhere to federal and state laws, and agency regulations, regarding addictions treatment. <

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