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Rhetorical Analysis

It is time to submit your final version of the Summary and Rhetorical Analysis writing assignment. Review the feedback from your peers and instructor, revise and edit, and then submit your final version.


Professor feedback


Your assignment is well written and developed, but it reads more

like a research paper than a rhetorical analysis. Make sure to

complete these elements in the assignment:

Select 3-4 rhetorical strategies from the text – body (3rd and 4th

paragraphs of essay)

* Form (organization and format)

* Style (sentence design, word choice, and use of figurative


* Types of evidence/support (facts, quotes, statistics, case

studies, etc.)

* Appeal to logos (logic)

* Appeal to ethos (credibility)

* Appeal to pathos (emotions)

Analyze those strategies

* Identify each of the selected strategies.

* Give an example from the text for each selected strategy.

Evaluate the effectiveness of these strategies – conclusion (5th


* Explain why the strategies successfully appeal to the audience

(or why they do not).

* Explain how the strategies accomplish (or do not) the purpose of

the author(s).

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