River health and water quality

2022/4/28 00:31 Individual Assignment 1: BUSS6002 Data Science in Business

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Individual Assignment 1

General Notices

1. All plots, analyses and technical work must be completed using Python

2. The late penalty is 5% of the assignment mark per day starting at the due date.

3. The assignment is marked anonymously.

4. Collusion and plagiarism are obvious to markers and will not be tolerated.

Academic Integrity

Please be aware of the University’s academic integrity policies. Issues of academic integrity are taken seriously by the University and the BUSS6002 team. If you are suspected of dishonest behaviour you will be referred to the Academic Integrity Office who will process your case. This may result in delayed results, mark reduction, failure of the unit or expulsion.

Dishonest behaviour includes but is not limited to:

using contract cheating services

plagiarism such as copying phrases, paragraphs etc

not appropriately referencing

You are encouraged to refer to the full policy and guidelines on the University of Sydney website (https://canvas.sydney.edu.au/courses/39595/assignments/372346) https://www.sydney.edu.au/students/academic-integrity.html (https://www.sydney.edu.au/students/academic-integrity.html)

You can access the Academic Honesty module on canvas at any time https://canvas.sydney.edu.au/courses/29833 (https://canvas.sydney.edu.au/courses/29833)

Allowed Packages

You must use only the Python packages covered in tutorials e.g. Pandas, NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib. Use of automatic EDA packages will result in a Fail grade for this component.

Assignment Overview Due Date: 23:59 Sunday May 1st, 2021

Weight: 20%

Max Length: 1000 words (excluding code and tables), we will stop reading at 1100 words.

Type: Individual

Submission Type: Jupyter Notebook (.ipynb) via Canvas


Problem Background

Bellingen Riverwatch was created to provide consistent water quality data in the Bellinger and Kalang catchments following a disease outbreak that caused a mass death event of the Critically Endangered Bellinger River Snapping Turtle (BRST) in early 2015. A lack of water quality data was identified by scientists and community alike as a priority focus area.

Bellingen Riverwatch engages 43 local community volunteers and 5 schools to collect monthly water quality data at 30 sites every month across the Bellinger, Never Never, and Kalang Rivers.

River health and water quality can change due to a wide range of factors, such as geology, rainfall, vegetation cover, gradient/steepness and size of the catchment, human impacts through land use, natural disasters, climate, and much more. To help build a picture of a catchments’ health, ongoing and regular monitoring of water quality is required to build baseline data – a picture of the conditions for that particular waterway.


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