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Why are corticosteroids contraindicated for use in a patient with bronchiolitis RSV? Why is 6 months of breastfeeding recommended to help prevent bronchiolitis RSV? 

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Prolonged corticosteroid use is contraindicated in the use of RSV due to the side effects caused from using them over a long period of time (Smith et al., 2017). One study also found that corticosteroid use, and epinephrine had no clinical improvement of oxygen saturations, decreased hospitalizations or duration of hospital stays (Kua & Lee, 2017).

According to Smith et al., (2017) the severity of the disease condition can be decreased by encouraging the mother to solely breastfeed the infant for at least six months (Smith et al., 2017). Breastfeeding has also been shown to improve the immune system of infants which can help them develop better immune responses to certain diseases.

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