Rubric – MBA-620-X4689 Measuring Success

5/3/22, 12:50 PM Module Seven Video Check-In Guidelines and Rubric – MBA-620-X4689 Measuring Success in an Org 22TW4 1/3

Module Seven Video Check-In Guidelines and Rubric



In this course, the Learner-Faculty Connect video assignment will be used for reflec�on as well as to discuss your preparedness for

upcoming weeks. This is a private conversa�on between you and your instructor, and you are encouraged to explore the concepts



In this mentor-focused video check-in, you will review the Project Guidelines and Rubric document in prepara�on for the project

that is due in Module Nine and have an asynchronous discussion with your instructor regarding any ini�al concerns about the same.

You are highly encouraged to con�nue reaching out to your instructor so any concerns and ques�ons are addressed before the

course project is due. Discuss your progress and these concerns with your instructor through this video submission.

Record a short video in the Bongo Q&A tool, sharing your expecta�ons and understanding of the scenario and corresponding

requirements. Address the following criteria:

1. Share your thoughts and ques�ons about the course project, including any ques�ons or concerns you have regarding

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