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Saint GBA440 Module 5

Question 1. Question :

Olive oil made in Italy and sold in the United States is an example of which of the following?

Global brand

U.S. export

U.S. import

Standardized product

Question 2. Question :

Tacky Toys, a U.S.-based toy retailer, buys all its merchandise from Mushi Toys, a Japan-based toy manufacturer with production facilities in 12 nations. Mushi Toys markets its toys globally without modification. Mushi Toys selling its products to Tacky Toys is an example of ________.





Question 3. Question :

Which of the following is most likely not an effect of globalization?

Increases in the variety of capital flows across national borders

Increases in the economic isolation of developing countries

Increases in the rate at which products are diffused worldwide

Increases in the volume of cross-border transactions

Question 4. Question :

Which of the following are products marketed in all countries essentially without any changes?

National products

Adapted products

Global products

Locally responsive products

Question 5. Question :

Two major forces that underlie the expansion of globalization are ________ and ________.

deregulation of tourism; the rise of nationalism

economic interdependence; the decline of international organizations

trade barriers; political unrest

falling barriers to trade and investment; technological innovation

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