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SCMT_319_WK3 international terrorism

Compare and contrast domestic and international terrorism. Explain why homegrown terrorism more challenging than preventing overseas terrorist attacks? Why is it so difficult to identify and deter homegrown terrorists?

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Defining terrorism, as we have learned is difficult on its own, and it seems defining domestic terrorism seems to be on par with that same concept. Some believe that any act of terror within the U.S. would be considered domestic, regardless of reasons. While I do understand this concept, I would argue that the individual would need to be at a minimum a citizen of the United States. Others, such as the FBI, have a more narrowed definition, and clearly state the difference between the two. The FBI (n.d.) website on terrorism, defines both International and Domestic terrorism as violent, criminal acts committed by individuals or groups.

The difference is that they define International terrorism as individuals or groups who are associated with or inspired by designated foreign terrorist organizations or nations, while domestic stems from domestic political, religious, social, racial, or environmental influences (par. 2). Basically, the FBI’s theory is that if you’re inspired by what’s happening around, or personally to you, to conduct violence its domestic, while if you are inspired by something or someone operating in another country, its International terrorism. Bjelopera (2017) describes some common issues that underline the way we think of domestic and international terrorism. For example, he explains that the FBI, does not classify

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