Seaport ECOL-C100 Midterm

1. Organisms that feed only on plants are called






2. Which of the following is NOT an example of an indicator species?

trout in water with a specifric temperature requirement

birds that need a large forested area

butterflies that use a specific plant as food

frogs that take in water and air though their skin

All are example of indicatory species

3. A species in an ecosystem that plays a central role in the health of that ecosystem, and whose removal may cause the collapse of the ecosystem, is called a(n)

foundation species

indicator species

native species

keystone species

specialist species

4. One way that species evolve over time to reduce niche overlap is called

competitive exclusion principle

resource partitioning

population distribution

chemical warfare


5. Aerobic respiration requires

glucose and carbon dioxide.

glucose and oxygen.

oxygen and water.

carbon dioxide and water.

carbon dioxide and oxygen.

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