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Similarities in Sex for Sale

What were the differences and similarities between sexual attitudes in the parts of the Eastern world and Western world. What roles did gender play?

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I found that it seems unfortunate to be a female in both the eastern and the western world. It seems as though it is important for men to feel pleasure, and the women are to work hard to pleasure the men. Additionally, something that I found interesting from the book of Proverbs stated in the text was, “A good wife, who can find?” (Tannahill, 2013, p. 44) I was also shocked to find why it is so difficult to find a “good wife.” According to the text, “A good wife had to seek wool and flax and food, rise before dawn to care for her family and instruct her servants, buy fields and plant vineyards, keep accounts, work late into the night. She had to use the distaff and spindle, help the needy, clothe her household in scarlet and herself in linen and purple, make and sell linen garments, look on the future with optimism, be wise, kind, and a conscientious

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