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SO338 Week 1 discussion

How are concepts like “truth”, “reality”, and “objectivity” much messier than we generally think?

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One thing that I think we can all agree on is people that influence our lives. The characteristics that we possess shape our truth, reality and our objectivity in many ways as well as through our interactions between biological processing and experience. This is pretty much an ongoing, never ending outlook on our biological constitution supports that we are not hard-wired genetically to how we will react to certain experiences (Cahill,p.3, 2018). This objectivity creates change in each of our truths and realities through guided social meanings that we get through social contexts and through things like language, religion, cultures and traditions. The lecture notes for the week state that we learn how to act and who we are based on interactions with others. Language is a symbolic system that gives a lens to understand reality. Language helps in organizing the social world into shapes/constraints perception and actions. Different perspectives

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