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SO338 Week 3 Assignment

o What challenges does this couple face in raising a gender-neutral child?

o How do others ensure categorization, even if we reject the category for ourselves?

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This couple will face many challenges over the years with raising a gender-neutral child. I am not against anyone wanting to raise their children gender neutral, I think that specific items for genders is outdated. I know that people in society will struggle to understand the reasoning for this couple to break away from the social norms. But why do we have these social norms? Why has it been made acceptable to define children based on what society says versus what our children actually believe. The article had mentioned that people will be judged and ridiculed no mater what any of us do. So why not just do what is comfortable and acceptable to you? can see that if these children were to be put into the public-school system, they would have a lot of struggles and would probably be discriminated or bullied by other children around them. I had seen videos with boys being suspended or expelled from school because of their hair.

However their hair wasn’t long just to revolt against any rules that the school may have had. First, was that it was part of his native culture to have long hair and the second was because he liked it. It wasn’t geared specifically to defy rules or what was believed that a boy’s hair should look like, or the length it should be. He was told repeatedly by the school that he had to cut his hair and that it was not acceptable for him to have long hair. His response to that was simply that they did not make the girls have hair restrictions on length then they couldn’t discriminate against him simply because of his gender. He was a straight A student who followed the basic rules of school. The only thing that he has done was keep his hair long. As far as I can see, as long as it is not interfering with his school performance, there should be no reason to have any sort of restriction on the length of his hair or anyone’s hair for that mater. So even if people decide to reject the category of gender, they will still face and be punished by those that do not reject the categorization.

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