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SOC 333 Week 3 Discussion

Abstracts for a study need to include the following major components:
1.The Issue or problem that leads to the need for the research
2.Purpose of the study, participants involved in the study and where the study is being performed
3.Data collected to address the purpose of this study
4.Statistical results, themes or findings
5.Practical implications of the study, who will benefit and why they will benefit (Creswell & Creswell, 2018).
The issue of the abstract study stemmed from the fact that today people either need or want to work until a much older age. The participants and site used were age-diverse North American individuals. The data to be collected came from three studies drawn on social role theory, age stereotypes and hiring biases. The results of the study were (1) older age stereotype characteristics are considered to be less favorable as a standard for job hire; (2) even with lower-status job positions, younger stereotype profiles are favored; and (3) older stereotype individuals are only considered hirable when the position is secondary or outranked by younger workers. The implications of the study discuss age-positive selection procedures and ways in which to reduce the impact of

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