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SOC 333 Week 5 Discussion 1

Discuss the reasons for using mixed methods. Select one of the complex mixed-methods designs(experimental, case study, participatory-social justice, or evaluation). What is an example of a study you might conduct using that particular design?

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My perception of mixed methods approach is based on a level that works best for my preferred research methods. Using the combination of qualitative and quantitative approach, case studies can be cross-examined by the researcher, ruling out any possible defaults that can hider or aid the study. I have hopefully correctly come to understand that a benefit of using a mixed method when conducting research, is that it aids in producing a more refined and informative product. For the complex mixed method design, I chose the Mixed Methods Evaluation Design. I did this because, to me, it follows a similar process as the OODA loop. OODA was a process that a WWII pilot used when dog fighting.

The letters stand for Observe, Orient, Decide, Act, then you are to repeat. I find it similar because using the mixed methods evaluation design; the first step is to research (Observe and Orient). Using both quantitative and qualitative methods to understand an issue. The next step is to form partnerships either in the area you are dealing with, or the culture of the people (Decide). Once you have done the research on the issue and understand the demographics of the population, that is when you initiate the final step which is to intervein with the newly developed procedure or policy (Act). Then you repeat if necessary to find out if the policy change is effective. If it is not, you start over. Our text mentions that this is quite common when trying to develop new programs such as reducing tobacco use by youth. I can imagine

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