SOC wk3 Discussion 1 hegemonic

What is hegemonic masculinity? Describe an example of hegemonic masculinity that you have seen in the last week, either in your personal interactions or in the media. How do these media messages impact your own sense of your gender presentation? Do you feel that tend to follow the gender norms of our culture? How or how not?

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Many different masculinities can be found throughout history as well as in different cultures and individuals. Because it’s a standard for men, it reinforces male dominance in society. Male dominance is defined as “power, dominance and aggressiveness; emotional stoicism and physical strength; as well as occupational achievement, family patriarchy and frontiersman ship,” according to the hegemonic masculinity theory (Fletke, 2012). Walt Disney movies immediately come to mind when I think about examples of hegemonic masculinity Almost all Disney princesses are saved by a hegemonic male figure in the film. As an example, consider The Little Mermaid, who receives her needs from Prince Eric. This includes Prince Charming in Cinderella,

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