soc333 week 4 discussion

Differentiate between randomized and nonrandomized approaches to sampling populations. Discuss the importance of the role of sampling when conducting research. Discuss the usefulness of pretesting, pilot testing, or field-testing a survey or interview questionnaire.

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Randomized is a method that is used to ensure that everyone in a population equal probability of being selected” (Creswell & Creswell, 2018).Randomized helps to element bias based selection when assigning individuals to sample. It also gives universal sample of the population. Unlike randomized, Nonrandomized sampling also referred to as non-probabilistic sample is a sample based on “their convenience and availability” (Creswell &Creswell, 2018).Snowball sampling is a form of sampling where participants recommend people they know  as research participants. Explain one pro and one con to this approach. Snowball sampling is a method of nonrandom sampling. Snowballing uses participants and or acquittances or friends of participants “who bear similar characteristics and possess relevant knowledge(Ngozwana, 2018 p.22)”.

Because this approach is in a manner referral based it allows the researcher to access participate who represent a hard to reach culture. Examples of hard to reach cultures include addicts or recovering addicts, criminals, homeless people, or other hard to reach populations. (Biernacki,1981p.145). Disadvantages of method is that it is not a randomized method so the sample could be biased. This method cannot guarantee a sample based on the population. This method also doesn’t give the researcher much choice in who participate in the study and the researcher has to verifying the eligibility of referrals (Biernacki, 1981p.145).

Pretest determine if participant understand the questioning on the study survey. Pretest can identify problems with the data collection method. Pretest can also assess if the sequence, of

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